Photo of Todd Fischer - Artist

At an early age both of my parents, who were artists in their own genres, encouraged me to use art as a creative outlet. I found passion for watercolors and acrylics.

As a child I started drawing cars, cartoons, and people surfing. I inherited the surfing bug from my father, who is often featured in my earlier work, and now my current work highlights my sons and grandsons.

Many road trips in the van, as well as the lifestyle I embrace, have also influenced me and are highlighted in my art. I not only surf but I snow ski, scuba dive, kayak, mountain bike, and hike.

The adventures throughout Canada, Oregon, California, Texas, Hawaii, and Mexico have had a profound impact on the stories I try to tell through my art. 

Picture of Todd Fischer - The Artist

Over the years my art has evolved and I have carved out my own distinct style. My interpretation of the trees, the colorful sunrises and sunsets have become a trademark in my work along with the way I see the mountains, lakes, rivers, the ocean, the waves, and the beaches.

My goal as an artist is to visually capture a person's attention. I hope it shows how much I respect and appreciate nature. Most of my artwork showcases my playground and home - The Pacific Northwest.

​My paintings are meant to make someone seeing it smile, laugh, and maybe look a little deeper within the piece. I sometimes hide animals, cartoon characters or people within the trees and the surf.

Have you found any yet?

Growing up in the world of construction I enjoy working with metals and wood. My custom frames showcase this with the reclaimed materials and thedriftwood that I regularly seek.

Thank you for letting me share my work with you. 

I hope you enjoy my whimsical style, that it brings you joy and makes you want to explore more and help us preserve this gift of the Northwest.

My wish for visitors, and locals, is to embrace the experience of the PNW. Leave your cell phones at home - just be present and listen to the heartbeat of nature.

I look forward to seeing you somewhere outdoors.