Todd Fischer is a watercolor artist based on the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington. He finds his inspiration from surfing, the power of the ocean, and his surrounding environment.

by Eli Odegaard
NWSS Lifestylin’: Todd Fischer from Eli Odegaard on Vimeo.


Cool Rides Abound at the First Annual ‘PNW Surf Van Gatherin’ ‘ in Westport


Todd Fischer Surf Art – Cool Rides Abound at the First Annual ‘PNW Surf Van Gatherin’ ‘ in Westport








by ANNE ERICKSON / Evening Magazine, Posted on June 11, 2014 at 8:15 PM, Updated Wednesday, Jun 11 at 3:56 PM

Surf Artist Todd Fischer decided to host the first annual ‘PNW Surf Van Gatherin’ at his gallery in Westport and we checked out these beach shacks on wheels. They ranged from elaborate to bare bones, but they all had one thing in common — board storage. www.facebook.com/todd.surfart

360-degree scene of trees, mountains chosen to grace Port Angeles water tank


Revitalize Port Angeles, led by Leslie Robertson, right, selected a trees-and-mountains design by Todd Fischer, left, to spruce up the city’s reservoir on East Lauridsen Boulevard.

By Arwyn Rice
Peninsula Daily News

PORT ANGELES — Revitalize Port Angeles and the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center board have selected a 360-degree mural design featuring trees and mountains for the East Lauridsen Boulevard city water tank.

The winning design was created by Todd Fischer, an artist based in Port Angeles with a studio in Sequim.

His design — silhouettes of evergreen trees with snowcapped mountains in the background, with a daylight sky on one side and a night sky on the other — was selected from a field of 15 reviewed by Revitalize Port Angeles and the Fine Arts Center board.

“The decision was unanimous,” said Leslie Robertson, founder and leader of Revitalize Port Angeles.

City staff in the planning, utilities and parks and recreation departments approved the design last week.

The water tank, which is located at the entrance to the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center at 1203 E. Lauridsen Blvd., is expected to be painted this summer.

The city’s 2016 budget includes money to repaint the tank, which now is several shades of beige, a flat white color as part of the regular planned maintenance before the artist begins work.

Robertson said there are hopes the winning bidder would be willing to work with Revitalize to paint in background colors.

“Otherwise we will start with a basic white tank,” she said.

Fundraisers ahead

Robertson said the additional cost of paint needed to create a mural, and a clear coat to protect it, is not covered by the city, and Revitalize Port Angeles plans to hold fundraisers to pay for the cost of paints and supplies.

The cost of the additional paint is not yet known.

Fischer said he would do the majority of the work in painting the design, which is relatively simple.

Organizers have said that the surface of the tank is so rough that the mural design had to be simple, without details that would be lost in the surface irregularities.

Volunteers will be sought to help with tarps, cleaning and other non-paint work around the tank.

“There is plenty to do. We want to make it as easy as possible for [Fischer],” Robertson said.

The mural is a donation from the artist. That was a condition made before the call for designs.

Robertson has said that fewer designs than hoped for were submitted by the original Nov. 13 deadline, and additional designs were sought by Dec. 17. The final selection was made Jan. 27, pending city approval.

The Fine Arts Center is working on a separate project to improve the entryway to the center and to Webster’s Woods art park behind the water tank.

The tank design is expected to complement that project.


Reporter Arwyn Rice can be reached at 360-452-2345, ext. 5070, or at arice@peninsuladailynews.com.

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  1. Hello Todd,
    Where can we purchase your work? My boyfriend(Steve) and I admire your art greatly. We both grew up and live and play in the northwest and appreciate your surfing and nature scenes. Steve is also an avid surfer and he admires your surfing paintings. Is it possible to purchase a print online? If so can you direct me to the website.
    Thank you for your time,

    Bonnie Jensen

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